common questions and answers.

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what is turn consulting?

Turn Consulting AB has started a platform to help students enter working life. Our goal is to create the next generation recruitment platform and facilitate the employment process for entrepreneurs. Read more about us here.

who can apply for a job?

All people who are 16 years or older can apply for a job at Turn. We only offer part-time jobs to people who are studying in high school, high school, municipal adult, college, university, or have another employment of at least 25%.

does it cost to apply for a job?

No. Using Turn's job application service is completely free for students. We are financed by the companies that pay a sum when hiring students. We also do not charge a percentage of your salary.

when do I get a job request?

Because Turn has an automated selection process, you will be contacted when you have been matched for a job. If you have not received a job offer yet, it is because we are not currently collaborating with a company that is looking for your specific skills. Read about how the automated selection process works here.

how does the application process work?

The process consists of four steps. Job application, matching, interviews, and employment. You can read more about how the application process works here.

can I wish where I want to work?

No, you can not. Our focus is to match the right person to the right company where your skills are at best applied and therefore you are not applying for a specific job.

who decides if I get a job?

Turn has an automated selection process that through artificial intelligence matches your personality and characteristics with the requirements profile for the vacant position. After the automatic selection process, a conversation is conducted with us at Turn and then it is the employer who decides who or who gets a job. Read more about how the selection process works here.

can I say no to a job offer?

Yes. If you decline a job offer, you jump back into our student portal again and have the opportunity to receive new job offers.

I got a part-time job so now I wonder how do I get removed from your systems?

Oh, congratulations, that makes us so happy! Our goal at Turn is for everyone to find a job, whether it is through us or on their own. Contact us if you want us to remove you from the portal. Read more about how we handle your personal data here.

how do I get in touch with you?

Regardless of whether you have any questions, want a part-time job, or just want to say hello, you can contact us here or send us an email and we will respond to your message as quickly as we can!